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"Fidavo exists to create a world where the truth is available to everyone."

Who we are:

We are a team of private investigators, authorized to conduct ethical and legal inquiries.

We represent the best system to purchase reliable information, safely and confidentially.

We are the technology aggregator for concrete evidences that you need.

Thirsty for truth, we believe that masterful investigations can not be a privilege reserved for a few but must be an advantage to the community. We live by ethics and integrity, in the belief that the work of each of us can be valuable and suitable for someone else.

Welcome to Fidavo.com, the exclusive private investigation platform where you can trade investigative services cheaply, safely and quickly.

We’ve changed the world of private investigations, thanks to our innovative soul, making a direct and constant connection achievable between private detectives and clients, which allows users to purchase investigative services offered by the best agencies and carried out by their most experienced agents, safely, confidentially and with full transparency.

You and your exigencies are at the center and we are around to come alongside you.
Because you deserve the truth!


The best private investigators and the most qualified detective agencies in one single technology

We want to help you solve your problem whether it’s personal or business.

We don’t achieve our goals in a usual way: our mission is giving priority to your peace of mind and standing as reliable, fast and winning service.

Therefore we can provide for you the possibility to choose among the best private detectives and the most qualified investigative agencies, carefully selected on the basis of requisites and verified technical skills, with whom you can interact comfortably from your home even in video call, without leaving or schedule a meeting.

And that is why Fidavo.com was born: we are the digital aggregation point of all those investigative agencies and private detectives determined to work together providing for you private investigation services in an innovative, revolutionary, but mainly simple and fast, affordable way.

When you turn to a private investigator it is because you are probably experiencing a moment of trouble. So it is essential to be able to trust those who are gathering valuable information to give you confidence: in order to do so, we thought it was important to give you the ability to keep track of the activities that the agent is doing to successfully complete your case, you can do it easily from your smartphone, reviewing real-time progress of the case photos, videos and information will be immediately available to you.

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More clients and partners for detective agencies

We focus on you, the owner of a detective agency. By creating this virtual meeting point we want to give you the opportunity to find new job opportunities, allowing you to expand your range of action to the whole country. Becoming part of Fidavo, in fact, you will be able to start collaborations with agents even geographically distant from your offices and, therefore, take charge of cases from customers from all country and abroad, working full time in an agile and innovative way.

Your agency will be able to create its exclusive services offer for the customers and define the most appropriate rates, allowing you to focus on the investigative activities where you are most competent and enhance your know-how.

Investigation services are already available for individuals, companies and law firms and belonging to all investigation areas: private (marital infidelity, child control, child support and stable cohabitation, investigations for debt collection), business (employee infidelity, abuse of Law 104, suspicion of false illness, financial and asset analysis, reputation risk survey), business information (land registry searches, chamber of commerce, positions and holdings), technical analysis, environmental remediation and technology, banking investigations, defensive investigations for law firms and many others.

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Become a professional private investigator

A private investigation service, obviously, can not be achieved without a valid private detective who has the right skills and experience. Would you, an investigative agent, want to have an agenda full of services to complete?

Fidavo.com was also created to satisfy your needs: you will be able to start collaborations with the most qualified and reliable agencies, increase your job opportunities, and grow your experience and skills in order to get your career off the ground.

Have you always wanted to join the world of the private investigations? well, now you can, Fidavo also take care of those whom - as you - have this passion and would like to take action but does not know how to do. By registering to platform, you will be able to start working with agencies as a CEIA, that is Collaborator for Elementary Investigative Assignments, operating under the direction and responsibility of the licensed agency.

What are you waiting for? Join the world of private investigations, with Fidavo.com is easier than ever.

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