How it works for the customer

Features and functioning of the platform for the client user.

How it works for the agency

Features and operation of the platform for agencies

How to become a private investigator

All avenues for pursuing a career as a licensed or agency-employed private investigator

Payment method-Bank card

Description of bank card as a method of payment

Payment method-Bank transfer

Description of bank transfer as a method of payment

How it works for the investigator

Investigator Platform Features and Operation

Cancellation of the customer

Description of the user cancellation procedure

Case flow

Description of the various case states

Assignment of staff to a case

Procedure for assigning case-specific investigative activities to an investigator

Creation of the storyline of the case

How to create the storyline of the case and what elements it consists of


How conncections between agencies and agents work

Assignment Form

Description of function of assignment form generation

How Extra Products Work

How agencies can offer extra products to the client and in which cases

Report of closed case

Description of the final report of the investigation containing evidence that is also valid in court

Plans of subscription of the agency

Features of the three subscription plans that the agency can subscribe to with the platform.