General Conditions and Terms of Use of the FIDAVO Portal

A. Brief introduction and initial premise ( is a portal owned by FIDAVO LIMITED SRL, based in Dublin, 1 Watermill Lawn, Dublin 5, D05 K738 (hereafter also, “FIDAVO LIMITED” or the “Company”).

FIDAVO LIMITED is a company with many years of experience in private investigation services, business investigation services and investigation services for professional firms as well as in the field of corporate security services and systems.

FIDAVO LIMITED wanted to create the portal FIDAVO (below the “Portal”) which represents a virtual “market“ aimed at encouraging the meeting between demand and the offer of investigation services by primary and selected operators in the sector.

Through FIDAVO, therefore, FIDAVO LIMITED carries out an intermediary activity between the supply and demand of investigation services, making available of end users/customers their many years of experience in the field in order to select primary and reliable operators offering their services through the Portal.

Through FIDAVO, therefore, FIDAVO LIMITED carries out an intermediary activity between the supply and demand of investigation services, making available of end users/customers their many years of experience in the field in order to select primary and reliable operators offering their services through the Portal.

The Portal also offers the possibility to the registered User to be able to perform an cognitive video call with the chosen investigative agency in order to evaluate the subsequent assignment of a formal assignment to the same chosen investigation agency.

We specify from now that the specific modalities and terms of the development of the services investigation will be the subject of a separate and autonomous contract that will be signed between the User and the chosen operator, with respect to which FIDAVO LIMITED will remain completely unrelated.

1. Terms and conditions of use of the Portal: preliminary introduction

The terms and conditions of use of the Portal contained in this page - and subsequent changes which will be made over time - (hereinafter the“Conditions”) apply to all investigation services that are made available through the Portal through any mobile device. By accessing the Portal (including from mobile devices), by visiting it, using and/or using any of the available applications, the visitor declares and guarantees that you have read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions, including the Privacy Policy available at the following link:

These pages, their content and structure are the exclusive property of FIDAVO LIMITED

Please note that the contractual relations between FIDAVO LIMITED and the Service Providers are governed by separate and autonomous contracts that we have concluded with each Service Provider.

We also point out that each Service Provider acts entirely independently and through its own exclusive organization and has also engaged towards FIDAVO LIMITED, as may be necessary, a specific obligation regarding the professional performance and rule of art according to the qualitative standards of the investigation services sector rendered available on the Portal for the benefit of the End User.

Finally, we specify that each Service Provider within the distinct and autonomous contractual relations with the End User will require the consent and acceptance of its general terms and conditions and in any case the signing of a separate and autonomous contract (between Service Provider and End User) aimed at regulating terms and methods of performance the investigation service chosen by the End User through the Portal.

2. Definitions

  • Portal“ means the website , owned by FIDAVO LIMITED;
  • Services “means the various investigation services made available on the Portal;
  • Services provider“ means the investigation agency/sector operator that offers on the Portal the autonomous and independent development - and following the subscription of a specific contract/assignment with the End User - investigation services;
  • Final User” means the natural person and/or legal person who upon access and registration to the Portal decide to use the Services offered by the Suppliers of Services through the Portal.

3. Purpose and nature of the Portal

Through the Portal we intend to offer a platform, a “market“ online that allows Service Providers to advertise, market, sell, promote and/or offer its own investigation services for the purpose of its purchase by of visitors to the Portal. Once the appropriate/suitable investigation service has been identified the visitor of the Portal must conclude a special contract/assignment with the chosen Service Provider.

Please note, therefore, that FIDAVO LIMITED acts only and exclusively as an intermediary between the Portal visitor and the Service Provider. We also point out that Service Providers are qualified sector that are selected by FIDAVO LIMITED.

In order to enable the provision of Services through the Portal, we disclose data that has been provided to us by Service Providers. To all Suppliers of Services that market and promote their investigation services on the Portal is then given access to our systems with reference to the Portal. Each Service Provider shall in any case remain solely and exclusively responsible with regard to updating rates/costs/prices, availability, rules and conditions, and other information displayed on the Portal with reference to each investigation service offered.

FIDAVO LIMITED assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness and correctness of the information provided by the Service Providers. It is therefore understood that each Service Provider is solely and exclusively responsible at any time of the accuracy, completeness and correctness of information (including descriptive information), including rates/costs/prices, rules and conditions, and availability, displayed on the Portal with reference to each investigation service offered.

We also point out that the Portal is not intended to recommend or support No Service Provider offering services through the Portal investigation, in any respect, including in terms of quality and/or level of service.

4. Restricted Uses

It is forbidden to carry out, directly or indirectly, any form of commercial exploitation the Services offered through the Portal through access, use, the transfer of information contained in the same Portal.

The visitor agrees to use the Portal and, as far as may be necessary, also the Services in accordance with law, morality, public order and in accordance with these Conditions.

In the same way and for what may be necessary the visitor also undertakes to make appropriate use of the Services and/or the contents of the Portal and not to use them for illegal activities, contrary to good faith or criminal acts, violate the rights ofthird parties and/or regulations that infringe intellectual property, or any other rule of the legal system.

In particular, the User undertakes not to transmit, introduce, distribute and make available to third parties, any material and information that is contrary to the law, morals, public order and Conditions.

We also specify that FIDAVO LIMITED reserves the right not to grant access to the Portal and the Services at the sole discretion of its commercial policy.Likewise, FIDAVO LIMITED reserves the right to revoke access to the Portal and/or the Services without prior notice to any visitor and/or End user who violates the provisions of these Terms.

5. Intellectual property“

FIDAVO LIMITED is the legitimate and exclusive owner of the Portal, the pages that compose the Portal, the information or elements contained in the texts, documents, photographs, drawings, graphics, database, software, logos, trademarks or other signs protected by intellectual or industrial property rights.

the visitor and/or the End User cannot reproduce, transform, modify, decode, distribute, rent, make available to anyone or allow access through any form of public disclosure of any of the elements mentioned above.

6. Exemption from liability

FIDAVO LIMITED is not and cannot be held responsible (i) for the inadequacy of the information (also descriptive) of the Service Provider (regarding the rates and availability of each investigation service), made available on the Portal, (ii) Services provided by the Service Provider, (iv) damages (direct, indirect, consequential), losses or costs incurred, paid or to which the End User may meet as a result of the performance/execution of the Services by the Service Provider.

FIDAVO LIMITED is not responsible and cannot be held responsible for the use, validity, quality, compatibility and adequacy of the Services.

By accepting these Terms, the visitor and/or the End User (i) declares and accepts that the Service Provider is the only and sole responsible party for the performance of the Services; (ii) expressly acknowledges that FIDAVO LIMITED is not a reseller of the Services and (iii) also acknowledges that any and all claims/claims relating to the performance of the Services must be addressed exclusively to the Service Provider.

7. Privacy and Personal Data protection

Personal data of visitors and/or end users acquired for the purpose of access the Portal will be processed in compliance with the current legislation on the protection of personal data. For further information, please read the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy.

8. Modifications

FIDAVO LIMITED reserves the right to make changes to these Conditions considered appropriate or necessary from time to time, and may be amended, delete and add new content and/or Services as well as the way they are offered through the Portal.

9. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

Subject to the provisions of the law, the Court of Milan will have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute concerning these Conditions and relations regulated by them.