Background check

Price Starting from 2000.00€

Estimated Time 10 days

Categoria Business information

This service is part of business information and consists of a background check on a person, whether natural or legal, where by check we mean many different investigative activities to find out whether what the person claims is true or whether it matches what he or she writes in the CV.

Background check investigation activities vary depending on the context and the target subject they are aimed at.

Depending on the subject, this service can be divided into.

  • Background check on a company (also called Reputational Due Diligence)
  • Background check on a person Corporate due diligence is mainly aimed at finding out the truthfulness of information about the subjects involved in a commercial or corporate agreement, understanding who the partner really is, in order to avoid being the victim of financial or image damages caused by his bad reputation.

In such cases, background checks may concern

  • a company's business volumes
  • reputations of individuals representing the company
  • possible undeclared solvency problems
  • real reputation of the company
  • financial history of the company
  • quantity and quality of customers
  • solidity and growth over time

The background check on a person is often carried out on a potential new employee, especially if the position to which the latter aspires is strategic and complex, so the search is directed towards

  • income status
  • reputation
  • negative track record
  • professional history
  • company interests