False disease suspicion

Price Starting from 350.00€

Estimated Time 1 day

Categoria Corporate Investigations

By purchasing this service you will be able to speak directly with the detective agency even by video call, meet the investigators who will be in charge of your case, expose your doubts and together with them plan the investigation activity in detail.

You will be able to consult in real time the evolution of the tailing, see the photos and videos that the investigators will make and all the information that will be drawn during the surveillance thanks to the story-line that you have only on Fidavo.

For this specific investigative activity, 1/2 investigative agents will be employed who will document with photos and videos the activities carried out by the sick employee, meetings, acquaintances, times, places, etc.. This information will be accessible directly from our App and you will be able to interact at any time having the possibility to chat directly with the private investigator who is following your case.
The activities are carried out by means of observation, control and tailing, have a duration of 8 hours to be carried out on the indicated day.

The kilometers included in the price are 100. 

Unlimited photos and Videos included in the price.
At the end of the investigation you will be able to download your investigation report and use it as evidence in a possible trial.


Fidavo not only guarantees you real-time control of the investigation you have purchased, but also allows you to have photos and videos that cannot be disputed as the date and time will be certified by our system.

Remember that by purchasing your investigations on Fidavo you will have a money back guarantee in case the case is not taken over by the agency.

Legal Background

These are follow-up investigation activities that are intended to prove employee abuse of sick leave.

The ultimate purpose of the investigation is also to provide evidence that will be useful in court in case the employee has to be dismissed.